Welcome!  Around here, I’m known as Nightingale1, aka Pam Moss, RN.  I’m a 1990 diploma grad from St. Vincent Health Center’s School of Nursing in Erie, Pennsylvania.  I also have a B.S. in Biology from Wright State University and I’ve done graduate work in Anatomy, Physiology, Developmental Biology and Clinical Research Administration.  In the Spring of 2017, I will be participating in the IHeLp program at The University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

For the first 15 years of my career, I worked as a staff nurse and charge nurse in a variety of ICU settings.  For the past 10 years, I’ve been doing clinical research full time, most recently as a Senior Clinical Project Lead and Field Monitor for a global orthopedic device manufacturer. That is my day job, to this very day.   In addition, I am a nurse entrepreneur and “Director of Wellbeing”at Nightingale Nest.

I look forward to getting to know you as we build this supportive community FOR nurses, BY nurses, and ABOUT nurses.