The following people have helped me explore the concept for Nightingale Nest, bringing it into sharper focus.  They are my friends, my family, my brain trust and sometimes total strangers who have gone out of their way to push this thing one step closer to reality:

  • Faye Hager, RN, BSN:  Faye can dissect an idea better than anyone I know.  I have always appreciated (ok, envied) her objectivity, her reasoning and her equanimity in the face of utter chaos.
  • Joe Hager, PhD:  Joe knows a thing or two about new ideas as well.  He’s a materials scientist, a patent holder and a former Fulbright scholar in the field of thermodynamics.  So  naturally, Joe is my go-to person for predicting actions, reactions and how much energy has to go into any system to keep it from falling apart.  Plus, he’s Faye’s amazing other half.
  • Bhavya Rehani, MD: When I sit back and look at the arc of Bhavya’s success, I am awestruck and inspired.   She is my best friend, sent here to show me what’s possible and drag me off the couch to go do it.
  • Ankur Bharija, MD:  If Bhavya is the call to action, then Ankur is the voice of reason. That’s why they’re the perfect couple. Not to mention the fact that Ankur is handsome, charming, thoughtful, kind and wise. What’s not to love?   And he’s all about balance, reminding me that it isn’t always necessary to struggle to make something happen.  Sometimes you have to step back for a bit, and just allow the Universe to unfold as it should.
  • Suzanne Coleman, PhD: There is no better mentor anywhere. Period. Thank you, Suzanne, for putting up with me—even when I’m bratty.
  • Max Carone: I wouldn’t exactly describe Max as my conscience (and if you knew Max, you’d know why I say that—wink!). But he is an excellent role model for being true to myself and staying aligned with my values. When I have a spiritual dilemma, I run it by Max and his advice is never wrong. It must be the gamma rays.
  • Rosalie Mainous, PhD:  Dean Mainous listened to my pitch, took careful notes, pointed out pros and cons, and then suggested a way forward that I hadn’t considered. I appreciated her candor, insight and willingness to fit me into her busy schedule, and I look forward to showing her the results of our conversation.
  • Linda Morgan-Stokes, RN:  She’s the only woman in the world who still wears a nursing cap, a woman who has been 35 years old for as long as I’ve known her (and we’re approaching 25 years of friendship), a woman who will do anything I ask and accept chocolate in payment. She is also the godmother to my son and the best ICU nurse I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  When the inspiration for Nightingale Nest came to me, I must have been thinking of Linda.
  • Terry McCoy Salopek, RN: If anyone has the guts to tell me that I’m doing something stupid, it’s Terry.   She is a one-woman focus group.  It’s been a long time, girl.  Let’s have lunch.
  • David Esrati: When I first brought this idea to David, he took the Rabbi’s approach: He turned me away three times to be sure I was serious. Well, actually, what he did was recommend some important reading and a little field trip to be sure I knew what I was getting into.  When we finally sat down to talk, it only took him about 30 seconds to expand my idea 10 levels beyond anything I had imagined.  That is the genius of David. He’s going to build me an amazing website and brand.  Aren’t you, David? OK. Maybe not.  But I’ve appreciated your input just the same.
  • Michelle Martino, RN, LMT: Early on, I made a cold call to Michelle, looking for advice on how to structure certain aspects of this plan. She graciously called me back for a quick chat and then called back again a few weeks later with more information and some referrals. How diligent and kind!  I look forward to meeting Michelle and thanking her in person at the open house.

That’s all for now, but there are many more to be added to the list.  If you don’t see your name, check back in a few days.

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